Welcome to Donna Maria’s coaching and consultation information page. Thank you for visiting. dM is an award-winning small business advocate with a gift and a passion for helping women achieve as business owners and as business leaders. She is an author, a former practicing attorney, an award-winning small business advocate. As IBN’s founder and CEO, dM receives many requests for private consultation, but due to time constraints, is only able to accept a few.

This page is designed to share what she offers, so you can choose the option that works best for you. Free (or nearly free) resources are described first. If that’s what you want, read on. If you want more specialized needs to help you create a lasting business platform, then check out these options: general business planning coaching; social media marketing coaching, community building coaching, and leadership and personal development coaching.

Here’s the Free (and Nearly Free) Stuff

Many people who are just getting started in business may not ready to invest financially in themselves or a business. That’s why dM offers helpful options that are available 24/7, and that involve little to no financial investment. They are:

  1. This blog: dM’s success, personal development and leadership blog. The content is 100% original — you won’t find any reprinted articles at dM’s blog. Categories include Social Media, Leadership, Fitness, and Advocacy. It’s a great place to get to know dM, and you can learn at your own pace by studying thousands of articles she has written to help you succeed. You can even Ask dM a question, and she might post a helpful reply, like this one, here at the blog.
  2. INDIE Business Podcast: dM hosts what we think is the longest running weekly online podcast in the world. (If you know of one that’s been airing since before October 2005, let us know.) Since 2005, she has interviewed several of the most prominent successful entrepreneurs and small business authors and thought leaders, and the interviews are free for you to enjoy. Guests include Jack Canfield, Paula Deen, Warren Brown, Baby Einstein founder Julie Clark, Ali Brown, James Roche, Brian Solis and more. Enjoy the free show Archives, going back 5 years, and covering every imaginable small business topic!
  3. Join dM on Twitter and FaceBook to enjoy conversation, fun, and uplifting networking experiences with dM and other INDIEs. From time to time, dM answers questions briefly there too.
  4. Enjoy the fun at the INDIE Social Networking Site, where you’ll enjoy networking with IBN members and thousands of people in the health, beauty, and lifestyle industries. You can post a question in the Discussion Forum (choose the appropriate forum please!), and not only will dM see it and offer assistance if she can, but thousands of other people will see your question and have a chance to share information based on their experiences too!
  5. In Person. You can also connect with dM personally at confernces, meetups and events she hosts and attends from time to time. dM lists them at both this blog page in the INDIE social Events Calendar.
  6. Join IBN. If you are ready to invest more fully in your dreams, you can join IBN and take advantage of dozens of benefits help you save you time and money, and have more fun while you are growing your business. IBN offers training resources, informational seminars with FDA officials, affordable products liability insurance and more.
  7. Become one of dM’s Apprentices. If you are not ready to start a business, and are just looking to find out what’s involved, you join as an “Apprentice” and take advantage of dM’s INDIE Beauty University, which is included with your IBN membership.

While you’re pondering your options, you might also want to have a look at what people say about dM’s services at the INDIE FaceBook Page. There, you’ll hear from real small business owners just like you, about how dM has helped them achieve their goals.

Ready To More Fully Invest In Yourself?

But if you are really ready to commit, and grow your business in a way that suits your lifestyle and your family’s plans for the future, you may want to take advantage of the more intensive, one-on-one coaching I offer. Here is an overview of the available packages. There is bound to be something here that will suit your needs and your budget, and help you achieve your goals.