Each week, members join Donna Maria live for a one-hour mentoring session. This is a great time to reconnect with your fellow Indie Business Network members and learn all about the stories behind their struggles and wins, as well as ask questions and get business mentoring and tips from me personally.

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Here are some points of interests that were discussed

Our topic today is from the Expand Phase of the Maker Method and we are discussing top ways to  create recurring revenue in your business. Join me to learn how this might be right for your business, and also, your Q+A too!

Categories and Strategies Discussed

  • memberships and clubs
  • subscribe and save

Examples and Resources Mentioned

Essence One Self Care Club at 8:02 (membership)
Bambu Earth subscribe and get 10% off at 14:30
The Purple Sage subscribe and save at 19:30
Wisdom Body & Soul at 20:50 (membership)
Zhi Bath and Body at 23:30 (gift subscriptions) (thanks for sharing live, Kim Dawn)

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Recharge for Shopify
Bold for Shopify
PayWhirl for Shopify

Q+A and Discussion starts at 26:35