On this replay, we discuss how as maker entrepreneurs, we often feel crazy amounts of pressure to make more stuff and check off boxes, often without considering the enduring significance and long-term impact of what we are creating. Sure, it’s great to have sales every day, but they really don’t matter unless they are tied to outcomes that make a long-term business difference. In her book, The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World, author Dorie Clark invites us to break this cycle by connecting our daily actions more with long-term purpose than short-term gains. If that interests you, come ready to take notes!

About Donna Maria

Donna Maria is the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network. An attorney by trade, in 2000, she quit her job as in-house counsel a Fortune 500 company and international law firm to pursue The Ultimate Trifecta of a happy life, a profitable business and a meaningful legacy and never looked back. She is the host of the Indie Business Podcast and creator of the Indie Business Planner (formerly Maker Planner) and a Certified Entrepreneur Mentor. Her work has been featured in the Entrepreneur,, Working Woman, Black Enterprise, ABC World News and other media outlets.

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Transformation(s) and Outcome(s) and Timestamp(s)

  • Intro- :00
  • How to discipline yourself to do small things, incrementally over time, that lead to lasting success- 11:30
  • Why it’s important to resist popular culture in favor of clarifying what’s most important to you- 17:30
  • What to do to turn the same 24 hours we all have into the long-term gains that matter most to you- 26:45
  • Independence, Curiosity , and Resilience- 33:00


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This event was hosted on May 6, 2024