The Artisan Made Show is now the Maker Mastermind Show. You can still use the form below to apply to be a guest on the show.

The Artisan Made Show is a boutique shopping community for people who love to buy local and Artisan Made products. The show is live streamed in our private shopping community, and recorded for playback on our blog, Youtube, Instagram and all major social media outlets.

We do not feature mass manufactured products. Instead, we showcase niche Indie brands, bringing you not only useful products that solve real world problems, but also a shopping experience that makes it fun and easy for you to buy American Made products.

If you would like to be considered to appear live on the show with our creative director and host, Donna Maria, please submit the form below. Since launching just hours ago, we have been happily inundated with inquiries. Please know that we are doing our best to get back with you as quickly as we can. We promise you will receive a reply!

A Few Important Notes

Here are the basic requirements to be considered to sell your products on the Artisan Made Show. If you do not currently meet each of these requirements, please submit an application at a later time.

• Your product may not be mass produced
• You must have a working, easy to use website
• The founder and CEO/owner of your company must appear on the show (no assistants)
• You must have clear and high quality product photographs
• You must be willing to send the show host full sizes of the products you want to sell on the show
• You must understand that we do not guarantee any sales as a result of appearing on the show
• You must be willing to pay the show entrance fee once your application is accepted. Currently, the fee is $100 for members of the Indie Business Network, and $175 for non-members. (If you are not a member, you can join here now, or you can join after your application is accepted.)

Use the form below to apply to sell your products on the Artisan Made Show

Artisan Made Show

  • The Artisan Made Show features only guests who are also the brand creator and owner.
  • You must have a website (Etsy is acceptable) to appear as a guest on the Artisan Made Show.
  • We may need your cell phone to notify you of any last minute changes, and to communicate live during the show. We will not add you to any texting lists without your permission.
  • Important Note: Only one or two products, or a kit or gift set will be featured during the live event. Please select a popular and best selling item.
  • Preference will be given to brands that feature a photo of the brand creator and an interesting brand story.
    A current insurance certificate will be required as part of the application approval process.
    You must appear via a laptop or desktop computer, not via a cell phone.