If you are an artisan entrepreneur, one thing you must do well is count your coins, right? Join me for a deep dive into what should be tracked and managed from an accounting perspective if you have an artisan jewelry business. While Mariel works mostly with jewelers, she’ll be sharing financial management and accounting tips that all artisans can benefit from. Don’t miss it!

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What You’ll Learn

  • what are the main tools and components needed for accounting to be done properly
  • what are some things to look for when seeking out help with your accounting
  • what are some easy tips to get started
  • and so much more!

About Our Guest

Mariel grew up in the jewelry industry with both parents as jewelers. Her grandmother, who helped raise her, was their accountant Mariel is equal parts right and left brained, blending both heart and logic in all she does.

Believing in these standards and being a jeweler herself, Mariel has worked extensively doing books for independent jewelry designers and as an accountant in corporate America.

Learn more at https://www.accountingforjewelers.com/

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